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Get the reports and datasets for towns/cities, states in over 200 countries with optional subsets and reports for the 40+ sectors.

The data and reports include global, country and city level information, counts the number of campaigns, backers, the amounts of money raised, the activity of each platform and more.

Who is using our data and reports

Our datasets and reports are of interest to researchers and analysts in the areas of finance, economics, marketing, policy and social science, as well as those that study entrepreneurship and support entrepreneurs.

Behind The Data and Reports

Crowdfunding has emerged as a worldwide phenomena. It exists in four major forms: equity, lending, rewards and donations. The equity, lending and donation models are traditional sources of finance that simply harness crowdfunding platforms to seek wider audiences. However rewards crowdfunding is something very new.

Rewards crowdfunding drives innovation through vital seed-funding, empowering inventors, entrepreneurs and creatives on an unprecedented scale. In this way, a successful crowdfunded project achieves ‘proof of concept’.

The research domain of rewards crowdfunding represents rich opportunities for advancing new knowledge about financial and economic changes as well as societal behaviour.

Primary data is generated via direct observation of all the major crowdfunding sites worldwide (see here for details), without intermediation. Since 2013, data has been harvested daily providing a times-series for each project and allowing greater confidence when making interpretive predictions.

Insights From Our Data

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What People Are Saying

  • "What this new data is telling us is that rewards crowdfunding's growth is sustained and at high enough level to be making a significant impact on the mainstream economy - and especially entrepreneurship and innovation. Seed-funding has always been an important but difficult, and so under-served, market. Feeding as it does 'upstream' investment. ...It looks very much as if rewards crowdfunding is now providing a real alternative."
    Richard Swart, PhD - Global Crowdfunding & Alternative Finance Research
  • "Countries seriously interested in promoting entrepreneurship, innovation and jobs need to be looking at this data... This represents serious capital injected into an economy that will have a lasting impact."
    Sherwood (Woodie) Neiss - Partner, Crowdfund Capital Advisors & one of the architects of the USA's JOBS act
  • "The data makes it clear that crowdfunding is providing seed and growth funding across a wide reach of industries and geographies, and shows no signs of relenting. And points clearly toward crowdfunding as the new must have skill for emerging entrepreneurs."

    Kathleen Minogue - CEO of Crowdfund Better, the leading crowdfunding education organization in the US
  • "Developing a data model to understand the market trends and drivers is a crucial step in the maturation of the industry. This initiative goes above and beyond with its global coverage."

    Daryl Hatton - Founder of donation/rewards platform and the sponsored crowdfunding/cause marketing platform
  • "Given the fact that I monitor the industry so closely I must say there were still several surprises for me here. This work is vital if users are to maximize their efforts."

    Rose Spinelli - Founder, The Crowdfundamentals
  • "It is exciting to see the huge progress crowdfunding has made in just a few short years."

    Ruth E Hedges - Exec Producer of the 5th Annual Global Crowdfunding Convention