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What Is Included?

Each report contains key stats and unique analysis, comparisons and insights of the location and/or industry based on the criteria you choose*

  • Key Stats: Your City, State & Country
  • Key Stats: Worldwide
  • Top Campaigns: Most Funded & Supported
  • Top Sectors: In Your Location
  • Sectors Comparions: How They Performed
  • Top Locations: Showing Where Was Active and Where Succeeded
  • The Crowdfunding World Overview & More!
  • *where available

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Each dataset contains the campaign data listed below* (and more) for each campaign matched based on the criteria you choose

  • Campaign Titles & Links
  • Dates Campaigns Started and Ended
  • Sectors/Categories for Each Campaign
  • Locations including Country, US State & City/Town
  • Targets & Amounts Pledged or Raised
  • Backers Counts
  • ...& More!
  • *where available

How Much Does It Cost?

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  • "What this new data is telling us is that rewards crowdfunding's growth is sustained and at high enough level to be making a significant impact on the mainstream economy - and especially entrepreneurship and innovation. Seed-funding has always been an important but difficult, and so under-served, market. Feeding as it does 'upstream' investment. ...It looks very much as if rewards crowdfunding is now providing a real alternative."
    Richard Swart, PhD - Global Crowdfunding & Alternative Finance Research
  • "Countries seriously interested in promoting entrepreneurship, innovation and jobs need to be looking at this data... This represents serious capital injected into an economy that will have a lasting impact."
    Sherwood (Woodie) Neiss - Partner, Crowdfund Capital Advisors & one of the architects of the USA's JOBS act
  • "The data makes it clear that crowdfunding is providing seed and growth funding across a wide reach of industries and geographies, and shows no signs of relenting. And points clearly toward crowdfunding as the new must have skill for emerging entrepreneurs."

    Kathleen Minogue - CEO of Crowdfund Better, the leading crowdfunding education organization in the US
  • "Developing a data model to understand the market trends and drivers is a crucial step in the maturation of the industry. This initiative goes above and beyond with its global coverage."

    Daryl Hatton - Founder of donation/rewards platform and the sponsored crowdfunding/cause marketing platform
  • "Given the fact that I monitor the industry so closely I must say there were still several surprises for me here. This work is vital if users are to maximize their efforts."

    Rose Spinelli - Founder, The Crowdfundamentals
  • "It is exciting to see the huge progress crowdfunding has made in just a few short years."

    Ruth E Hedges - Exec Producer of the 5th Annual Global Crowdfunding Convention

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